League Calendar

  • 02/13/16-Cupid's Arrow, VFW #1500
  • 04/27/16-Summer Captains Meeting, Lino's
  • 08/31/16-Fall Captains Meeting, Lino's
  • 09/9-11/16-Lake Erie Classic, Holiday Inn Mentor
  • 12/28/16-Winter Captains Meeting, Lino's

Current News

Brindaliers Bar in Willoughby Hills has closed. Schedules have been updated to reflect the new home bar for the teams that were playing there.
REMINDER: You can't add a player without first getting approval from the league office.
Memberships are valid September 1st to August 31st.
Drop boxes for score sheets have been placed at Stadium Grill and Linos.  The score sheets will be picked up every Thursday at noon.  If you choose to use this method to turn in your score sheet, it must be in the drop box before they are picked up on Thursday.  If they are dropped after the pickup, scores will not be entered until the following week and penalty points will be assessed for being late.