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November 18, 2013





OFFICE:  (440) 975-9775

FAX:  (440) 975-9220









INTRODUCTION...................................................................................... PAGE iii


OFFICE LOCATION................................................................................ PAGE iii









TEAM PAYOUTS, BASIC LEAGUE GAME RULES.......................... .PAGE 2



LEDA RULES AND REGULATIONS..................................................... PAGE 3

    PLACEMENT, SCHEDULING, STANDINGS, PRIZES..................................................................................................... PAGE 3

       CODE OF CONDUCT, PROTEST/GRIEVANCE PROCEDURE.................................................................................... PAGE 4

    TEAM STRUCTURING, POSTPONEMENTS...................................................................................................................... PAGE 5

       FORFEITS, REPORTING RESULTS, TIME FACTORS, ILLEGAL PLAYERS......................................................... PAGE 6

    PENALTIES, LINE UP, SHORTHANDED MATCH PLAY............................................................................................... PAGE 7

      PRACTICE DARTS, THE GAME............................................................................................................................................ PAGE 8

      SCORE KEEPING AND THE SCOREKEEPER.................................................................................................................. PAGE 8


EQUIPMENT.............................................................................................. PAGE 9


SANCTIONING PROCEDURES............................................................. PAGE 9


AWARDS AND MENTIONS.................................................................. PAGE 10


TOURNAMENT TRAILS........................................................................ PAGE 12


FAQ’S (FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS)................................. PAGE 14


STANDING SHEET CODES.................................................................. PAGE 15





To ALL LEDA Members,


 It is the wish of the current Board of Directors that you have an enjoyable time.


A copy of this handbook may be found on the LEDA website at under the Information/Information Book tab. 


Should anything arise that is not covered in these pages, please do not hesitate to contact any of the current Board members listed on page 3. We are here because of you and will be happy to answer any questions or handle any situation, which may arise during the darting season.


We welcome all comments and suggestions on how we can make improvements to your Club, League play and this booklet.  We will respond to any and all inquiries. You can contact the current Board of Directors and/or the LEDA Office by any of the following methods:


    1. Telephone       (440) 975-9775
    2. Fax                 (440) 975-9220
    3. Email    
    4. Personal contact, which may require further follow-up


Communication is the foundation of your Club and the Board of Directors. Lack of communication will only hinder the Club’s efforts and objectives in the promotion of the Lake Erie Dart Association and the sport of darts as a whole.


Please be advised that the current Board of Directors and Committee Chair people will do everything in their power to assist you with any hardships, questions or situations that may arise, providing we are contacted. Keep in mind, we cannot be held responsible to resolve a situation if we are unaware of its existence.


Shoot Well and Happy darting,

Lake Erie Dart Association

Board of Directors





7537 Mentor Avenue Suite 107

Mentor, Ohio 44060

Telephone (440) 975-9775

Fax (440) 975-9220


Visit us on the web:


The L.E.D.A. (Lake Erie Dart Association) is a non-profit organization formed and dedicated to the promotion of the sport of darts and related activities in and around the Lake County area.


The club offers its members Summer, Fall and Winter dart seasons, special events, tournaments, awards, banquets, and information on darting activities in the area and throughout the continental United States.






8:00 A.M. TO 4:30 P.M.


 8:00 A.M. TO 4:30 P.M..


 8:00 A.M. TO 4:30 P.M.







**Please be advised that any and all Office Hours are subject to change without advanced notice.


The L.E.D.A. Board of Directors schedules its monthly meetings on the second Monday of every month at:

 The Players Club

38630 Jet Center Dr

Willoughby, Ohio 44095

Monthly Board meetings are open to anyone interested, including but not limited to: Tavern/Bar sponsors, LEDA members and the general public.  Call the office to verify date, time and location.


Board of Directors    


President............................................... Kevin Moncrief               

1st Vice President.................................. Jennifer Ehlert               

2nd Vice President...................................... Joe Formica               

Secretary.................................................... Amy Morton               

Treasurer..................................................... Bob Labanc               

Office Manager.............................. Dianna Calderone               

Summer League Director....................... Joe Formica               

Fall/Winter League Director............ Jennifer Ehlert               


Committee Chairpersons


ADO       .......................................... Christina Bernstein               

Banquet                                                           April Blair               

Bylaws  ....................................................... Cookie Burk               

All Stars...................................................... Jason Nelson               

Engineering............................................... Jason Nelson               

Tournaments...................... Perry Prine/Tim Gamble               

Grievance........................................................ Craig Day               

Trails    ...................................................... Todd Loomis               

Sanctioning....................................... Michael Brancato               

Promotions..................................................... Bob Potter               

Web Page...................................................... Mike Onion               



                These Directors/Chairpersons are committed to the club and its members and will return your call as soon as possible. You can contact any of these Directors/Chairpersons by calling or emailing the L.E.D.A. Office at 440-975-9775 or




Membership with the Lake Erie Dart Association is open to anyone interested in the sport of darts.  You need not be on a team to join the club.  Memberships run yearly from May 1st through April 30th.  New darters or those members who have been inactive for longer than 1 year must fill out a membership form and Code of Conduct/Waiver of Liability form. An active membership with all signed forms will renew itself with every yearly paid membership and will remain in effect until cancellation in writing is received by the LEDA office.


(effective 5/1/2006)

Full membership fee = $25.00 per year*. This fee entitles members to participate in all club and league activities.


Limited membership = $15.00 per year*. This fee entitles members to participate in club activities except league play.


*Payment of membership fees does not automatically entitle the member to attend the Summer picnic and/or Fall/Winter banquet. To attend the Summer picnic, each member must have paid a full $25 membership and be listed on a current Summer team roster. Each member must have played at the least one(1) game during the 14-week season. To attend the Fall/Winter banquet, each member must be listed on a current Fall/Winter team roster and must have played at the least one(1) game during either the Fall or Winter 14-week season. To receive plaques at the end of each season, each member must have competed in a minimum of 3 matches or weeks during the season in question.


Team roster fees = $15 each season for Fall, Winter and Summer. This fee is the responsibility of each individual team. This fee is payable upon submission of a roster prior to the beginning of each new season. Effective Fall 2005, a new team fee will be due each and every Fall, Winter and Summer season.  A $10 late fee will be levied on all team rosters submitted after the set deadline date.


Bar affiliation fee = $50.00 per bar and runs from May 1st to April 30th.  Bar affiliation and individual membership fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.


Weekly fees = $36.00 paid by the HOME team.  No weekly fees are paid by the visiting team  It is the responsibility of the home team to deliver these fees to the office of the LEDA.  No weekly fees are required for scheduled Bye weeks.  A team responsible for a forfeit fee will pay $54 for that week. 


All membership, team and bar fees are due the first home night of league play unless a player has not yet started.  His/her fee will then be due the first night of their play.



Should a dart team from the Fall League Season disband and spin-off additional dart teams for the immediately following Winter League Season, the “old” team shall be defined as the team with a minimum of 3 of the original players from the Fall team roster and can elect to retain the original team name. Anything consisting of less than 3 darters from the original team roster submitted in the Fall season classifies this team as a “new” team and will be forced to rename this team. When a team from the Fall League Season disbands and creates 2 separate teams, each team consisting of a minimum 3 from the original team roster; the team with the majority of the original darters listed on the Fall season’s roster shall be considered the old team. Any team splits that occur of an equal split shall both be considered “new” teams.



Anyone accepting the responsibility to pay for all or part of your team member’s membership fees should be advised that the LEDA cannot be held responsible to transfer or reimburse any membership fees in question. Once a membership is paid it is not transferable or refundable to or for another member regardless if the original person plays or not. A “member in good standing” is defined as any member of the LEDA who has met all the criteria as set down in the Bylaws of the LEDA and does not owe the LEDA any unpaid monies.



Consists of three, 14-week sessions – Fall, Winter and Summer sessions.



The club is operated by elected Board Members and appointed Committees. Anyone seeking election to the Board of Directors or voting for a candidate must be a “member in good standing” of the LEDA. Elections are held yearly at the Fall/Winter Banquet in May. Ballot sheets will be made available at the LEDA Office and the Banquet location. Each member casts one vote per open seat. Absentee ballots will be mailed, upon request, to any qualified members who are not currently team members.



Currently, the LEDA accepts teams from two miles into Perry (East) to Cleveland (West) to Chardon/Mayfield (South).


2011-2012 Fall/Winter Team Payout Schedule[†]

First Place


Fifth Place


Second Place


Sixth Place


Third Place


Seventh Place


Fourth Place


Eighth Place




  1. The wire spider encloses the scoring area of the dartboard. 

A.      The small ring in the center of the board is the double bull and scores 50 points. The larger center ring is the single bull and scores 25 points.

B.      The value of each wedge is marked at the edge of the board. The spider forms a triple ring near the middle of all wedges. A dart landing in this ring scores triple the value.

C.      The ring at the outer edge of the board is the double ring. A dart landing in this ring scores double the value of the wedge.

  1. The home team corks first to start every game.

A.      When corking, the thrower must land the dart as close to the bull as possible and no further away than outside of the double ring in order for it to be considered an attempt at “cork”.

B.      While corking, bounce out darts must be re-thrown until the dart lands on the scoring area of the dartboard.

C.      While corking, the thrower may request the scorekeeper to remove a prior cork from the single or double bullseye before they shoot.  A rethrow will occur if the scorekeeper removes a dart without request of the second darter.

D.      Other than for a bullseye (upon request only), no dart should be touched or moved (straightened) until a winner has been determined. Moving their dart before a winner has been determined will cause that player to lose the cork.

E.       The winner of the cork is the person whose dart is closest to the bullseye. (Two double or single bulls, or two darts that are the same distance apart, is considered a tie).  Double bullseye beats a single bullseye. The decision of the chalker is final.

F.       For ties, and in situations where the first thrower’s dart was knocked out of the board by the second thrower’s dart, players cork again but in reverse order.

G.      A “robin-hooded” dart will not be removed or counted. Additional dart(s) should be thrown until a winner can be determined.


  1. The objective of any 01 game is to score the exact number of points stated by the name of the game (301-501-801) with the first and last darts scoring a double (unless the game is stated as free in/double out).

A.      Players alternate turns, each throwing three darts at the board. Points scored are deducted each turn. Never pull darts from the board until the scorekeeper has verified your score, or the score stands as the scorekeeper records.

B.      To chalk a game properly, use two columns for each player. In column #1, record the score for every turn. In column #2 start with the total game points and subtract each turn’s score for a running balance of the remaining game points.

C.      A player wins the game by hitting a double, which scores exactly the remaining points. In a busted turn (too many points), the score is recorded as zero and the game continues.

D.      The chalker, if asked, may inform the thrower what he has scored AND/OR what he has left. HE MAY NOT inform the thrower what he has left in terms of number combinations.



1.       The object of cricket is to close all scoring segments before your opponent, along with having an equal or higher point score (if any).

    1. The scoring segments are the bulls-eyes and wedges valued at 20 through 15. The double and the triple rings count as two and three times the value of the segment respectively.
    2. Players alternate turns, each throwing three darts. The first person to hit three of each segment closes that number. While a person has an open segment, any additional hits in that segment by an opposing player (after he gets three and closes) shall be scored.
    3. To chalk a game properly, use five columns. The middle column identifies the segments used in the game. The inside left and right columns represent the players’ hits. To mark hits place a slash (/) for a single hit, and X for a double hit, and/or a circle for a close.                                                                                              
    4. A player wins the game when they close their last segment and are ahead or equal in points. In a case where points are tied, the first person to close all segments shall be declared the winner. 
    5. There are no ties in the game of cricket.






1.       The League Director determines a team and/or player’s placement based on, but not limited to, the following guidelines:

A.      Individual history

B.      Team history

C.      Previous placement

D.      Requisition

E.       Mentions achieved in previous Individual & Team histories

2.       A $10 late fee will be levied on all rosters received by the LEDA office after the announced deadline date set by the League Director.

3.       All late fees will be payable by the first night of league play or a penalty of 1 point will be assessed for every week payment is not received by the office.



The League Director schedules competition between one or more divisions. Usually 14 matches are scheduled, half as the home team and half as the visiting team. A match will be considered as 11 games, each best 2 of 3 games shall be counted as 1 game for each match.



1.           Divisional standings are sent weekly to all team captains and bar affiliates, upon the bar’s request.

2.           For each team, the standings indicate previous points, latest points scored, currently recorded penalty points assessed (if any) and any previously recorded penalty points (if any), for a total up-to-date point standing.  (SEE PAGE 10, PENALTIES SECTION)

3.           Captains should monitor the standing sheet weekly to verify scores are posted accurately. If the captain feels that there may be a mistake with the standing sheet, the team captain must notify the LEDA Office immediately.

4.           The club reserves the right to make retroactive corrections to weekly standings for the following reasons:

A.      Inaccurately reported results will be corrected on the following weeks’ standing sheet.

B.      Penalty points may be adjusted at the League Director’s discretion.(SEE PAGE 10, PENALTIES SECTION)

C.      Errors in arithmetic will be corrected on the following weeks’ standing sheet.

5.           There will be NO playoffs for ties for first or second place.  Winners will be determined by:

A.      The records for head to head play (team vs. team play).

B.      If still tied, the records against the next team above and below (if tie for second). If still tied, the process continues down through all other teams within the same division until a winner can be determined.



1.       Every team competing in the Fall/Winter Seasons earns prize money based on final standings. Summer League is played for awards and picnic only.  Any team with outstanding scoresheets two weeks after the final night of league play will forfeit their entire payout. 

2.       All Fall & Winter awards are presented at the end of the Winter Season at the Fall/Winter banquet. Payouts are awarded at the end of each season (Fall & Winter). A team that withdraws or is dropped from the League prior to the end of either Fall/Winter or Summer season forfeits all awards/payouts.

3.       Any team owing money to the L.E.D.A. will have those funds deducted from any and all payout checks before distribution of prize money. This shall include any individual listed on the team roster who owes the LEDA money.

4.       Any monies owed to the LEDA for the Summer dart season must be paid prior to the members’ acceptance on a Fall dart season roster.

5.       All awards not claimed at the Winter banquet or Summer picnic must be picked up at the office within 30 days of notification.

6.       Award plaques not accepted from the office within 30 days of the Winter Banquet or Summer Picnic will be forfeited. Those members or teams who forfeit award plaques will be placed on a list and no further plaques will be ordered or   requested for that member or team for a period not less than one year.

7.       Award corrections must be submitted to the office within two weeks after receipt of the award or the award will be considered accepted as is. If your award contains an error, contact the office within 2 weeks from the claiming of the award with a complete list of corrections.

8.       Corrections will be made at the club’s expense if received within the 2-week time limit. Corrections received by the office after the 2-week time limit will be completed at the member/team’s expense. Errors found to be the fault of a member can be repaired at the member’s cost. The club office will require advance payment before these corrections are made.

9.          The LEDA office will consider any plaque picked up by another team member or captain as being accepted. The 2-week time limit will be enforced and the member, at the member's expense will assume any and all correction costs if not delivered to the LEDA office within the 2-week time limit.

10.       If information on awards is wrong due to club error, the LEDA will correct the mistake at no charge. Spelling of names is taken from team rosters. Please print all information clearly.

11.       T80 & T71 pins will be distributed to all members who have achieved a T80 or T71 during the Fall & Winter League at the Winter Banquet held in May. All T80s & T71s achieved during the Summer dart season will be distributed at the Summer Picnic.

12.       Any member receiving a "patch" for achieving a T80 or T71 during Trails or a LEDA sponsored Tournament can exchange that patch for a pin through the LEDA office only.

13.       Master T80 pins will be tracked by the LEDA office and awarded at the Winter Banquet or Summer Picnic.

14.       A Minimum of 10(ten) T80s or T71s will be required to achieve Master T80 status.

15.       Those members who can not attend the Winter Banquet or Summer picnic can pickup their achievement pins through the LEDA office only. Pins will not be mailed.



1.       All members are subject to LEDA Board of Directors approval.

2.       All League members are expected to conduct themselves in a courteous manner. Good sportsmanship is the key factor for ALL LEDA events.

3.       Any player or team who causes injury to anyone or who willfully destroys property may be automatically suspended, placed on probation and/or expelled from the Club and/or League at the full discretion of the Board of Directors. A member may be terminated or restricted by a majority vote of the Board of Directors if such member creates disharmony or behaves in such a way that is disruptive to order and/or discipline.

4.       All members will be expected to sign a Code of Conduct form and submit it to the LEDA office. All Code of Conduct forms will automatically renew itself with each consecutive paid yearly membership.

5.       Remember we are representing the LEDA and promoting the League and the good sport of darts.



1.       Any complaints against a player/team should be brought to the attention of the League Director “in writing” within seven days of the match in question. Please be specific and include the following if possible:

A.      Date and place of infraction.

B.      Names of players, team name and home bar of all involved.

C.      Include division and team letters listed on schedule.

D.      Description of events as they occurred.

E.       List of possible witnesses.

F.       Phone numbers of team captains/members and witnesses.

2.       If any confrontations or conflicts between teams and taverns arise during League play, both team captains must write a report to the League Director regarding the incident.

3.       Any reasonable complaint will be investigated and handled by the League Director on a case-by-case basis. No action will be taken unless filed in writing.

4.       A team or individual having a protest filed against them shall have the right to submit written rebuttal to any and all charges. To be eligible for review, grievances must be filed in writing within 10 days of the League Director’s decision. The ruling will be communicated by telephone and followed-up by email and/or written notification (snail mail). 

5.       Any member of the LEDA can file a grievance based upon a League Director’s ruling provided they are personally involved (You have to be named in the grievance and have a penalty levied against you). If a grievance is not filed, the decision will not be reviewed and the penalty levied will remain in effect.

6.       Team captains are only permitted to file a grievance levied against the team. If the captain is personally involved, then the captain can file in both cases.

7.       The Grievance Committee will review each appeal on a case-by-case basis.

8.       The Grievance Committee will only review appealed decisions and make recommendations for suitable solutions to the LEDA Board of Directors. An initial report will be prepared within 5 days of receipt of the grievance. The Grievance Committee cannot overturn League Director’s decision.

9.       The League Director will review all complaints during league play.  Remember:  The League Directors cannot rectify problems if he or she is not notified that a problem exists.

10.    Grievances relating to code of conduct violations must be filed in writing and addressed to the attention of the Board of Directors only. The Grievance Committee will not review this type of Complaint.

11.    The Board of Directors will review all documentation regarding the complaint, grievance, and recommendation by the Grievance Committee. The Board of Directors will then make a final decision and levy or rescind any penalties against those members involved in the grievance.

12.    If necessary a brief final statement will be heard by the Board of Directors.



1.       A team must have a captain recognized by the LEDA.

2.       The captain shall be the official spokesperson for the team.

3.       The captain is responsible for distribution of all LEDA & League information and materials including awards/prize money to their team.

4.       In the event the team captain is not able to be present at a function, the team should designate a substitute co-captain.

5.       A maximum of 8 players is permitted on one team unless otherwise stipulated during the Summer Dart Season.

6.       Any captain wishing to “inactivate” a player from their roster must notify the LEDA office “in writing”. This can be included on the weekly score sheet, email, postal mail or dropped off at the LEDA office.

7.       You must present a complete roster of your team at the beginning of each season (Fall, Winter and Summer) prior to the deadline date. All fees, team roster fee and membership fees should accompany your team roster form but will need to be     submitted, without any exception, by the first night of play.

A.      Every member on your team must pay a full $25.00 LEDA membership fee on or before their first night of play.

B.      All additions to your roster are subject to League Director’s approval after scheduling has been completed.

C.      No additional player can be added after the 7th week of League play for each half (Fall, Winter and Summer League). The League Director may consider special hardship exceptions to this rule.

D.      Any member on the roster must pay their membership fee the first night they compete. The team will receive no points for all matches that the non-approved player has participated in and penalty points will be assessed.(SEE PAGE 10 PENALTIES SECTION)

E.       Every team must pay their team roster fee.  

8.       In order to add players to your roster after League scheduling and after/during the season has begun, you must contact the LEDA office “in writing”. There will be a one-week waiting period from the point of requisition for League approval of the additional player. 

9.       Any player who has played any games or matches cannot be dropped from your team in order to transfer to another team during the same season (Fall/Winter/Summer).

10.    Changes in phone numbers/addresses must be submitted to the League Officein writing” so changes can be made on the appropriate divisional schedules, LEDA database, and posted on the weekly standing sheets. All changes can be included on the weekly score sheet. A lack of communication with the opposing team could constitute a forfeit of your team’s matches.

11.    The League Director MUST approve permanently changing the location of your home establishment prior to any matches being played in the new establishment.

A.      Unauthorized moves from your home establishment may cause problems with the home/away schedule setup by the League. This unauthorized move may also cause problems with overcrowding teams already scheduled to play out of this location.

B.      If the originally scheduled location becomes “temporarily” unavailable, it is the responsibility of the HOME team captain to notify the opposing team captain and League Director of such a change in ADVANCE of League night.

C.      If a last minute notification is received by the home team captain, that captain must leave one of their players at the original location to provide directions to the visiting team upon their arrival to the new location.

12.    At no time will membership fees be refunded or transferred to another player. Once a membership is paid for a member it is not transferable to or for another member regardless if that original person plays or not.

13.    Captains should monitor the standing sheet weekly to verify scores are posted correctly. If the captain feels that there may be a mistake with the standing sheet, the team captain must notify the LEDA Office immediately.

14.    The League has determined that any one of the following conditions, will not permit a member to become a captain or be recognized as such:

A.      3 late score sheets within the 14-week (season) period,

B.      3 forfeits within the 14-weeks (season). 2 forfeits in a row permits LEDA the option to drop the team,

C.      2 lost score sheets within a 14-week season that do not turn up within 3 weeks after the date played.  Lost and late sheets are 2 separate issues.

D.      2 bad/bounced checks.

E.       No accurate address or telephone number for contact.


1.       The League will not recognize the inability to field a full team on regularly scheduled match dates as valid cause for a postponement.  With League Director’s approval, matches can be rescheduled for just causes at the League Director’s discretion.

2.       If you feel that you have a valid cause for postponement, contact the League Director and/or the LEDA Office in advance of the scheduled match date.

A.      Approved postponements must be rescheduled between the captains of the teams involved and the match must take place prior to the following week match date unless other arrangements are made and agreed upon by both teams and the League Director. All rescheduled matches must be reported to the LEDA office IMMEDIATELY “IN WRITING” from BOTH captains stating the agreed rescheduled date.

B.      If the postponed match does not take place by the required time limit or on the date set by the League Director, the team that arrives at the scheduled place and time will claim the win regardless of which team called for the postponement. Only 7 points will be awarded to the winning team. Weekly fees for both teams becomes sole responsibility of the forfeiting team.  It will be submitted as a $54 fee that week if the home team forfeits, or a $54 fee upon the next home week if the visitor.

C.      It is the responsibility of the two captains to reach an agreement on a reschedule. If the captains cannot agree on a date, the League Director will notify the teams involved as to a time and place for the match, only if requested to do so by one of the captains or the LEDA Office.


1.       If your opponents cannot field a team of at least two players by the start time of 7:45 p.m., your team may claim a forfeit. By doing so, you accept responsibility for getting the score sheet to the League office, even if you are the away team.

2.       The forfeiting team is responsible for the weekly fees of BOTH teams and must send those fees to the LEDA Office by the regularly scheduled weekly deadline or face penalty points (SEE PAGE 10, PENALTIES SECTION).  It will be submitted as a $54 fee that week if the home team forfeits, or a $54 fee upon the next home week if the visitor.

3.       Teams receiving the forfeit will receive 7 points only.

4.       Teams that forfeit 3 matches within a 14-week period (season) may be expelled from the LEDA at the League Director’s discretion. Two (2) forfeits in a row permits the LEDA the option to drop the team.

5.       If a game is scheduled and there is no opponent (short-handed play), the team fielding the shooter wins the game point with no top darter points awarded.



1.       The home team captain is responsible for getting the score sheet with the correct weekly fees for both teams into the LEDA office postmarked within 48 hours upon completion of league night play. Any team with outstanding scoresheets two weeks after the final night of league play will forfeit their entire payout.

2.        It is the responsibility of the home team captain to make a payment of $36 per match.  NO payment is required when a team is visiting.  The LEDA recommends that Captains pay by check or money order to avoid loss or mishandling of fees.  The LEDA assumes no risk for fees paid in cash.       

3.       All score sheets that are dropped off to the office will be considered received on the date stamped by the office. All teams assume any and all risks of penalty points for late score sheets if stamped by the office after 11:00 AM Saturday immediately following that week's matches.

4.       Both team captains are accountable for the accuracy of the score sheet and attest to this rule by their signature on the score sheet. Written explanations must accompany the score sheets reporting any additional fees other than normal weekly fees.

5.       Use the correct score sheet for your division. White is for Diamond; Green is for Emerald; Blue is for Sapphire.

6.       The LEDA office will attempt to send standings, tournament flyers, newsletters, top darter and trails point lists to those members requesting email service. If the LEDA office receives returned email from their host due to any reason, that   member's email address will be removed from the broadcast list after two returns or until such time as a verification of the address can be made or corrected.

7.       Any captain who willfully elects to receive email notification of any mailings offered by the LEDA office will be removed from the LEDA postal mailing list.

8.       The LEDA assumes no risk for returned mail either by conventional means or email.



1.       The starting time for League matches is Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. A 15-minute grace period is permitted.

2.       In an effort to prevent excessive delays and keep the pace of play consistent, no more than 5 minutes should elapse between any games including time for smoking and practice darts.



1.       If you have any reason to question the identity of a player, it will take the cooperation of both captains to resolve the issue.   The suspected player should offer a LEDA membership card or a driver’s license or State I.D. upon request

2.       If a player or team captain refuses cooperation, notify the League Office in writing explaining the circumstances and reasons for your questions.

3.        Use of an illegal player on your team will be cause for a minimum 3 point penalty or the forfeiture of all wins the illegal player participated in, whichever is greater. Any points for games won that are forfeited will be awarded to the     opposing team.

4.       Once an illegal player participates in a match for any team, that player’s information is then forwarded to the League Director for approval by the LEDA office.

5.       Once an LEDA member plays in a game, they are a member of that team and throwing for another team in the LEDA during that season is not permitted and is grounds for the forfeiture of all subsequent games the player may play in.


1.       Penalties can be separated into two categories; 1) Rules of Play & Minor Sportsmanship issues, for example adding and playing a player before being approved by League Director and 2) Code of Conduct Violations, for example causing a dangerous/unsafe condition.  Any minor sportsmanship infraction imposed after a second occurrence will result in a Code of Conduct violation

2.       A team may be assessed penalty points for certain infractions of rules of LEDA league play.

A.      Deliberate use of an illegal player will result in receiving 3 penalty points to the offending team or forfeiture of all wins for every game the illegal player participated in to the opposing team, whichever is greater.

B.      The use of false names will result in complete forfeiture of all match points.

C.      Unpaid, or incorrect fees including but not limited to membership, team roster or weekly fees will result in penalty points.

D.      Late or incomplete score sheets or fees will result in home team penalties. Penalty points per week will be deducted for late score sheets. If a team captain turns in 3 late score sheets within the 14-week (season) period, he/she will not be recognized as a captain by the LEDA on the current or any future rosters for a period to be determined by the Board of Directors & the Fall/Winter League Director. 

E.       A limit of 5 days will be allowed after the office has contacted a Captain(s) to turn in any outstanding scoresheet after week 14 is played.  Zero points will be issued for the missing weeks to Captains not responding.  

F.       The issuer of a bounced check will owe the LEDA any and all fees imposed on the LEDA from the bank in addition to the check’s face value. After 2 bounced checks have been received, only cashier’s checks or money orders will be accepted. The member who issued the check will not be permitted to be a captain.

G.      Late Team roster fee = $10. This fee must be paid by the first night of league play.

H.      Scoresheets will be deemed incomplete by the office when missing last names of players, Division number, date, and the lack of weekly fees.

3.       Any team owing money to the LEDA will have those funds deducted from any and all payout checks before distribution. This shall include any individual listed on the team roster that owes the LEDA money.

4.       Penalty points will be assessed for non-compliance of Sanctioning Regulations. These penalty points will be assessed against all home team captains sponsored by the location involved.(SEE PAGE 12, SANCTIONING PROCEDURES FOR PENALTY POINTS LISTING)

5.       The following list indicates the penalty and the associated point and/or action imposed:

A.      Incorrect funds -1 point

B.      No form -1 point (No form shall mean; member has no current forms on file);either address form and/or Code of Conduct form.

C.      Unpaid membership fee -1 point 

D.      Unpaid Team roster fee - 1 point

E.       Late score sheet 1st offense -1 point; 2nd offense -2 points; and so on

F.       Bounced checks -2 points plus bank fees if applicable, after 2 bounced checks only money order or cashier’s check will be accepted.

G.      Unapproved player – 3 pts or forfeiture of wins, whichever is greater. (Unapproved player shall mean; added player was not approved by League Director directly after scheduling or within the first 7 weeks of league play)

H.      Late team roster fee = 1 point per week (beginning Summer season 2002).

I.        Incomplete Score sheets - 1 point per incident.



1.      A player may not be scheduled to compete unless present. If a team is unable to field enough players for singles matches, they will forfeit those matches for which players could not be scheduled, unless agreed upon by both captains.

2.      Other events may be played shorthanded rather than forfeit the point or points. (SEE SHORTHANDED MATCH PLAY SECTION O)

3.      Proper procedure for each event is the home team captain fills in their line up on the score sheet first, turns it over and presents it to the opposing team captain. The visiting team captain then fills in their lineup without referring to the home team captain’s lineup.

4.      The lineup must be filled out prior to each set of like games. Team 801 games may receive a new lineup prior to each game. All singles matches must be assigned prior to the start of the first match unless agreed upon by both captains or accommodating late players.

5.      If both captains agree, the order of play with respect to games may be changed to accommodate late players.

6.      Once games have been scheduled on the score sheet, no changes to the lineup may be made unless accommodating a team playing shorthanded and agreed upon by both captains.

7.      Late arriving players may be placed on the score sheet and scheduled in the next game of the night. Late players may not be placed in a game already underway.

8.      No player may be scheduled to play in more than 1 singles game, 501 doubles or cricket doubles for each night of League play. They may be scheduled to play in all 801 or Score Cricket team games.



1.      A team must have at least 2 players present to play the match.

2.      The team of 2 or 3 players will place their players in any order they wish to shoot on the score sheet, possibly 1st and 3rd or 2nd and 4th, in singles, and combined or split up on team or doubles events.

3.      If 2 or 3 members are present, they must forfeit 1 or 2 points.

A.      In 501 doubles, they may forfeit one 501 game or play 1 against 2 players (1 turn vs. 2 turns).

B.      Cricket doubles games should be played the same manner as listed in item # 3a.

C.      Team 801 and Team Score Cricket games will be played 3 players against 4. The 4th turn for the shorthanded team shall be considered a bye and no points shall be recorded, but counted as a turn.

4.      If neither captain schedules a player for a game, no points will be awarded for that game to either team.

5.      In such cases where both teams cannot field a full roster of 4 players or more, the match points could be less than 2 for the entire evening of events. Also dependent upon the shorthand match play lineup it may be possible for both teams to tie for the night.

6.      In events where team games are played shorthanded, you must add 3 darts per round for the missing player when computing any mentions as listed per your division. If in the last round of the shorthanded team, a player concludes        the game before it would have been the turn of the missing player, in that round those 3 darts of the missing player should not be counted.

7.      No top darter points will be awarded for singles matches which are wins based on forfeiture of games.



1.      Each player is limited to 3 throws, 9 darts total, prior to their scheduled games for warm-up.

2.      While competing in a game, a player may not practice on another dartboard.

3.      A player not participating in the game in progress may practice on another dartboard that is available as long as the practice does not interfere with the game or games being played.



1.       The home team throws for the cork first to begin every game.

2.       Only a player competing in the game can throw for the cork.

3.       The winner of the cork does not necessarily have to start the game.

4.       All singles games are played “Chicago Style”. This means that the home team player can choose the game to be played in any order from the following:

A.      301 Double-In, Double-Out

B.      501 Free-In, Double-Out

C.      Score Cricket

5.       Home team player must choose the game preference (individual singles games) PRIOR to the throwing for the cork and notify the opposing player.

6.       Cricket is always played as score cricket.

7.       Team 801 games are played as Free-In, Double-Out.

8.       Doubles 501 games are played as Double-In, Double-Out.

9.       In Diamond Division 1, all games are best of 3 except Team 801.

10.    “Chicago Style” best of 3 requires that the 3 games be different although the order of the games played is determined by the home team player.

11.    In Diamond Divisions 2 and lower, the home team captain at the beginning of the night must inform the opposing team if they are going to play best 2 out of 3 in doubles games or if it will be the best of 1. All singles games will be the best 2 out of 3 in Diamond Division.



1.       The home team must provide a scorekeeper for each game. This person need not be a member of the LEDA, but must exhibit good dart manners while chalking the game.

2.       The visiting team captain may request the replacement of an inadequate scorekeeper.

3.       The scorekeeper should keep an accurate record of all darts thrown by each darter and scores.

4.       The turn, score, and darts thrown for missing players should be recorded as zero, thus maintaining the correct rotation of players. (SEE PAGE 11; Section O, SHORTHANDED MATCH PLAY)

5.       Only the last throw of any game may be counted as less than 3 darts.

6.       At no time during the individual throw of a game should anyone move or adjust a dart that is already in the dartboard.

7.       Basic game rules and the following requirements should be met:

A.      At the release of the dart, the player’s foot must be behind the toe line, not on or over it.

B.      Without human intervention, to score any of the 3 darts, the darts must remain in the dartboard for at least 5 seconds after the last dart is thrown for that turn.

8.       Errors in arithmetic will stand as correct unless it is brought to the attention of the scorekeeper before the start of the next player’s turn.

9.       If a player throws out of turn in any scheduled game and is immediately challenged by the opposing team before the opposing team takes their turn, penalties result.

A.      The scorekeeper erases only the points scored out of turn.

B.      The out of turn player must forfeit their next throw with the scoring being placed at zero.

C.      The scheduled player then throws their darts, which are added to the total score.

D.      An incomplete, out of turn throw, has no penalty. Pull the darts and continue in the correct order.

E.       An unchallenged throw changes the team’s rotation to continue from that point forward.

F.       The first dart thrown correctly ends the game.

10.    Both captains may agree to waive rule 9 a, b, c, e and f.

11.    The scorekeeper, only when requested, MAY inform a player what they have left and/or scored, but may not suggest any out shot combinations to be thrown. The thrower may also request such information from spectators or other players.  The player is responsible for his/her own scores.

12.    The scorekeeper must stand within 2 feet of the scoreboard, still, so as not to distract the player or adjacent players at the toe lines. 

13.    When a dart “robin hoods” (or sticks into the shaft end of a previous thrown dart) both darts are to be left untouched until the throw is completely over, with the dart that has not touched the board registering a zero or no score.

14.    Bounce out darts thrown may not be retrieved and re-thrown in a player's turn.  A bounce out dart that is caught does not permit the player to re-throw it in the same turn.  Bounce out darts shall carry a score value of zero.

15.    If a darter has started, or is in the throwing movement, and the dart slips out of the throwers grip and does not make it to the dartboard or score, that dart may not be retrieved for a re-throw and shall carry a score value of zero.



1.       The LEDA reserves the right to request replacement of any sub-standard equipment. Comments concerning equipment should be brought to the attention of the Sanctioning Director or submitted “in writing” to the LEDA Office.

2.       For League play, a Standard English bristle, 20-point clock-face dartboard must be used.

A.      The scoring wedge valued at 20 must be the darker of the 2 wedge colors and must be the top center wedge.

B.      The wire spider must not be broken and the width of the double and triple rings must be 3/8” plus or minus 1/32”.

3.       An acceptable dartboard must be positioned so that it is readily available to the players without distraction to the thrower.

A.      A score keeping surface must be located in such a way that scores may be easily read by players and spectators.

B.      The scoreboard must be hung on the same wall as the dartboard within 4ft of the dartboard.          

C.      The dartboard must be secured to the wall or easel with a distance from the center of the bull vertically to the floor of 5 ft. 8 in. plus or minus 1/4 in.

D.      The toe line must be at least 1” in width but not to exceed 3 ft. in length. It is to be centered lengthwise in front of the dartboard at a horizontal distance of 7 ft. 9-1/4 in., plus or minus 1/4”.  This distance is measured from the face of the dartboard to the back of the toe line.  All toe lines will be uniform in nature and supplied by the LEDA during sanctioning if necessary.

E.       The hypotenuse length from the double bull center front face of the dartboard angularity down to the back of the toe line shall be 9 ft. 7-3/8 in. plus or minus 1/4in.

F.       Lighting must be affixed so as to brightly illuminate the dartboard, reduce to a minimum the shadow cast by other darts and not physically impede the flight of the darts. Fluorescent lighting is recommended, as it will not dry out the dartboard as fast as other types of lighting.

G.      Traffic and sitting areas must be situated as to not interfere with the throwing area and provide adequate seating for both teams.

H.      The distance between two dartboards must be a minimum of 5 ft. from bull to bull. The distance from the center of the bull to any lateral wall, must be a minimum of 3 ft.



It is important for our darters to be able to enjoy a consistent playing area within the sponsoring locations. Accurate measurements and quality equipment will be enforced to insure this goal. To apply for LEDA sanctioning of equipment, please call the LEDA Office at (440) 975-9775 to schedule an appointment. LEDA teams will not be permitted to compete out of unsanctioned locations.


An LEDA representative will visit your establishment to verify the following rules of sanctioning and inspect all equipment available. If no problems exist, the location will receive a “sanction certificate” good for 1 year. If problems are found with the set-up and/or equipment, the management and all home team captains will be notified “in writing” that corrections are needed.


If sanctioning violations are not corrected by the date given for needed repairs, penalty points will be assessed against all home teams sponsored by that location.


Once penalty points for sanctioning violations are assessed and deducted from each home team’s standings, those points will not be given back.


The following breakdown will be used to enforce penalty points against home teams, which do not correct sanctioning violations:

1.       2 penalty points will be deducted from all home teams for non-compliance of sanctioning rules should the needed corrections not be made by the end of the 2nd week. You must notify the league office that the corrections have been made by the end of the 2nd week or penalty points will be assessed to all home teams.

2.       3 penalty points will be deducted from all home teams for non-compliance of sanctioning rules should the needed corrections not be made by the end of the 3rd week and the League Office is not notified.

3.       If the violation is not corrected and the League Office is not notified by the end of the 4th week, 5 penalty points will be assessed to all home teams.


The LEDA reserves the right to request that all home teams relocate to another sanctioned location. Any teams continuing to play out of an unsanctioned location will not receive points for any games played as long as sanctioning violations are in effect.


The LEDA makes every effort to sanction establishments prior to the start of the Fall Season. The LEDA Office and the Sanctioning Director will be happy to work with owners to find the best possible area for the set-up of equipment for LEDA teams. All members are encouraged to contact the LEDA Office for any reason regarding equipment and sanctioning.


The following list are items which will be checked and enforced by the LEDA for all of its members with regard to equipment and sanctioning:


BOARD HEIGHT:             5 ft. 8 in. (+ or - 1/4 inch) from floor to center of bull vertically.

TOE LINE:                          7 ft. 9-1/4 in. (+ or -1/4 inch) from face of board to back of toe line horizontally.  The approved toe-line will be provided during sanctioning by the LEDA and may not be replaced with substitutes.  Replacement of approved toe lines will be available at a charge if required throughout the season.

HYPOTENUSE:                 The length from the front face center of the double bull of the dartboard angularly down to the back of the toe line shall be 9 ft. 7-3/8 in.

LIGHTING:                        Board lighting should adequately illuminate the dartboard, should not impede the flight path, and cast a minimal shadow.

SCOREBOARDS:              Approved scoreboards shall be of the chalk, dry erase or grease pencil type hung within 4 ft. of the board on the same wall.

WALLS:                               Minimum distance from the center of the bull to any lateral wall should be 36 inches. Two or more boards hung on the same wall should be a minimum of 60 inches or 5 ft. from bull center to bull center.

BOARDS:                             No bumps, loose wires or signs of excessive wear are permitted.

ATMOSPHERE:                No high traffic areas.  Novelty machines and pool tables located in the immediate darting area shall not be in operation during league play. Adequate seating area for both teams must be provided.



The following awards will be awarded for the 2011-2012 “Steel Tip” League play.


BAR PLAQUES Presented to the 1st and 2nd place teams’ home establishments.


TEAM PLAQUES              Presented to all 1st place teams per division. All team members who played at least 3 nights per half qualify. 


MENTION PLAQUES      Presented to all league members who had the qualifying number of individual mentions during the entire season (Summer or Fall/Winter). Fall/Winter awards will be awarded at the Winter Banquet. Summer mentions are determined annually by the League director and will be awarded at the Summer Picnic.


DIAMOND 1                                        10 mentions per season; either Fall or Winter Season.

DIAMOND 2 AND UNDER              6 mentions per season; either Fall or Winter Season.

EMERALD                                          3 mentions per season; either Fall or Winter Season.

SAPPHIRE                                          2 mentions per season; either Fall or Winter Season.


SPECIAL MENTIONS     Presented to those players who had the best or highest mentions of each division overall (Diamond, Emerald and Sapphire) for each season.


TOP DARTER AWARD  Presented to the player with the most “Achievement Points” per division. Achievement points are accumulated from the following list:


Each singles win =                                               1 point – No points for forfeits                                         Hi-In =                                                                           2 points

Hi-Out =                                                                3 points

  Low Dart 301 Singles =                                      2 points

Low Dart 501 Singles or Doubles = 2 points

Low 801 or Team Cricket =                              1 point

Low cricket singles =                                           3 points

Low cricket doubles =                                         2 points

Trip cricket =                                                        3 points

8T0/7T1 =                                                             4 points

3-Double Bulls (Cricket only) =                        5 points


NOTE:  Awards for both seasons (Fall and Winter Season) will be presented at the awards banquet in May. Awards for the Summer Season will be presented at the Summer picnic in August. 8T0 & 7T1 pins will be awarded at both events or through the office after the completion of each season.


If information on awards is wrong due to club error, the LEDA will correct the mistake at no charge. Errors found to be the fault of a member can be fixed at cost.  Spelling of names is taken from team rosters. Please print clearly.


Plaques not picked up from the office will be considered forfeited and the member/team’s name will be listed. No further plaques or awards will be ordered for that member/team for a period not less than one year. (SEE PAGE 6, PRIZES SECTION)





Diamond Divisions 1 through 4

                Emerald Divisions 1 through 9

                Sapphire Divisions 1 through 9

                (Determined at the time of scheduling and dependent upon the number of teams)


DIAMOND Format:  Best of 3 except 801 (SEE PAGE 11, THE GAME SECTION)

   Divisions 1 through 4 - Mentions

        Singles 301 - 13 darts or less counted from the first dart thrown not the first double.

        Singles 501 - Free In; Double Out - 21 darts or less.

        Doubles 501 - Double In; Double Out - 21 darts or less counted from the first dart thrown not the first double.

        Cricket Singles (down to 13’s) - 23 darts or less.

        Cricket Doubles - 22 darts or less.

        Team 801 - 32 darts or less.

        Team Score Cricket – 27 darts or less

        High In - 112 or more in 01 Double In; Double Out games.

        High Out - 112 or more in any 01 games.

        3 Double Bulls - In cricket only.

        3 Cricket trips - includes combo of trips and double bulls.  The triple or double bull must be a number needed. 

A triple thrown on an opponent’s closed number does not count toward the mention.

        180 or 171 in any 01 game (all 3 darts in same triple ring).


EMERALD Format:  1 game per match scheduled.

   All Divisions - Mentions

        Singles 301 - 17 darts or less counted from the first dart thrown not the first double.

        Singles 501 - Free In; Double Out - 23 darts or less.

        Doubles 501 - Double In; Double Out - 25 darts or less counted from the first dart thrown not the first double.

        Cricket Singles - 26 darts or less.

        Cricket Doubles - 24 darts or less.

        Team 801 - 35 darts or less.

 Team Score Cricket – 30 darts or less

        High In - 112 or more in 01 Double In; Double Out games.

        High Out - 112 or more in any 01 games.

        3 Double Bulls - In cricket only.

        3 Cricket trips - includes combo of trips and double bulls.  The triple or double bull must be a number needed. 

A triple thrown on an opponent’s closed number does not count toward the mention.

        180 or 171 in any 01 game (all 3 darts in same triple ring).



SAPPHIRE Format:  1 game per match scheduled.

   All Divisions - Mentions

        Singles 301 - 21 darts or less counted from the first dart thrown not the first double.

        Singles 501 - Free In; Double Out - 25 darts or less.

        Doubles 501 - Double In; Double Out - 29 darts or less counted from the first dart thrown not the first double.

        Cricket Singles - 31 darts or less.

        Cricket Doubles - 29 darts or less.

        Team 801 - 38 darts or less.

 Team Score Cricket – 33 darts or less

        High In - 112 or more in 01 Double In; Double Out games.

        High Out - 112 or more in any 01 games.

        3 Double Bulls - In cricket only.

        3 Cricket trips - includes combo of trips and double bulls.  The triple or db must be a number needed. 

A triple thrown on an opponent’s closed number does not count toward the mention.

        180 or 171 in any 01 game (all 3 darts in same triple ring).





Here is how it works! The LEDA offers two events – Singles and Blind Draw Doubles. The cost to enter Singles matches is $6 and when you play your first match you will automatically receive 4 points. The game format for Singles matches is 301 Double In/Double Out – Score Cricket – 501 Free In/Double Out. Every win, whether in Singles or Doubles competition, accumulates an additional 2 points. No points will be awarded for a forfeit.


The cost to enter the Blind Draw Doubles event is $4 and the first game played automatically awards 2 points. In the Doubles competition, players are matched for competition through a blind draw. Games played are 501DIDO/cricket/501FIDO, single elimination.


For each match won (best of 3), you are awarded 2 additional trails points as you progress to the next bracket. Depending on how far you proceed up through the brackets, cash paybacks are won by the top finishers. All points awarded nightly are entered under your name and listed in the Trails standings. Trails points are updated on the web page monthly or as the office receives trails score sheets.


Darters may attend Trails as often as they wish to accumulate points. When a player has accumulated enough points, they become eligible to go on a trip to one of the many major dart tournaments held throughout the United States each year. Winners get round-trip airfare, lodging and $50 cash.





LOCATION & TIME:      8:00 p.m. Mondays at The Purple Shamrock

8:00 p.m. Tuesdays at The Players Club at Lost Nation

                                8:00 p.m. Fridays at Fiderio’s

                                                3:00 p.m. Saturdays at Lino’s


FORMAT:  Matches will run as follows:

                Singles:  301 Double-In; Double-Out/Score cricket/501 Free-In; Double-Out

                Doubles:  501 Double-In; Double-Out/Score cricket/501 Free-In; Double-Out


Upon unanimous agreement of 3 – 6 players, a singles Round Robin format may be substituted for bracketed singles and doubles.

All games best of 3, coin toss decides first cork. If 3rd game is needed, whoever lost the original coin toss has choice of cork.



POINTS:  Players will receive 4 points for playing their first singles match and 2 points for each win. Players will receive 2 points for playing their first doubles match and 2 points for each win.  One point will be awarded for a singles bye and no points will be awarded for doubles byes. Any current LEDA member coming to trails for the first time will be awarded a bonus of 25 points.  Any player bringing a first time (current LEDA member) player is also awarded a 5 point bonus.  Running a Trails event may accumulate a total of 5 bonus points. By scoring for a match in which you are not participating, you earn a chalker ticket, which is entered into a lottery each month. Three tickets are drawn every month at the regularly scheduled Board of Directors meeting. Awarded are 10 points, 5 points, and 3 points respectively for the first three tickets drawn. Tickets drawn for the monthly chalker points will be returned to the remaining chalker tickets. Each ticket is good for only 1 month’s drawing, however, all the tickets accumulated each month for the entire year are combined and a drawing is held at the Board meeting prior to the end of Winter Season. One ticket is drawn from all the accumulated yearly tickets. The winner will receive 1- year free membership to the LEDA as “Chalker of the Year”.


There is a minimum of 3 players for singles and 4 players for doubles needed for competition. Should these minimums not be reached on a given Trails night, each player will be awarded 3 points for showing-up. The person designated to run Trails will receive 5 points when games are played or when only show up points are given providing they have turned in a completed Trails Recap Sheet.  He/she will also receive 2 points if they are required to ‘sit out’ doubles to keep an even number of players. 


ENTRY FEES:  Singles $6.00, Doubles $4.00.


ELIGIBILITY:  A player must be a member in good standing in order to receive points. For a member to keep his/her points in good standing, they must play Trails once every 4 months and have paid their current membership fee of $15 for a Limited or $25 for a Full membership.  Unpaid members are permitted to play but will be awarded NO POINTS


The LEDA will attempt to notify a player by mail if they are in danger of losing their points; however, it is the player’s responsibility to keep track of their individual attendance regarding Trails participation. A member may keep their points by sending in a check or money order for $7.00. In order to save points, you must have a current paid membership (due each May 1st) or include your membership fee with your $7.00. Each member who elects to save their points by mail will receive 4 points providing their membership is current with the LEDA office. This may be done to stay in good standing if unable to personally attend during a 4-month period. A non-member may participate in Tournament Trails, but will receive no points, only a cash prize if finishing in a payable position for the night.  Lifetime members are exempted from the save points fee and will receive 1 point every 4 months to prevent loss of their points. 


PAYOUTS: A predetermined percentage of all Trails entry fees will be used as prize money.  The remainder of the fees plus $2.00 for each singles player collected from the sponsoring bar will be deposited into the Tournament Trails account. See the Board approved payout schedule at the Trails location for exact dollar amounts. Any money donated by the bar above the required amount will be added towards the singles payout.


TRIPS:  A minimum of $2,500.00 shall remain in the LEDA Trails account at all times. Meeting this requirement, up to 1/2 of the excess funds in the account may be used in financing an offered trip.

1.       A player must accumulate a minimum of 500 points at least 6 weeks prior to the date of the trip in order to become eligible for that trip. All members meeting the point eligibility will be offered the trips; however, those members with higher point totals will have priority on trips with limited participations due to the rules applied to the fund.  Any trip requested and approved less than 4 weeks prior to the tournament must be arranged in full by the member. 

2.       The LEDA will send only one member with guest per offered tournament, unless there is enough cash to send more.  A period of four months must have elapsed since a player has taken a trails trip to be eligible for another trip.

3.       Only steel tip tournaments of $7,500.00 or more in prize money within the 48 continental United States will be considered when offering Trails trips.

4.       When a darter reaches 500 points they are eligible to take a trip by themselves and they will lose 500 points only when they sign the “trip confirmation” form.  If that individual reaches 1000 points they may take a trip for two people and lose 1000 points. 

5.       The exception to Rules 3 and 4 is that trips for 2,500 points will be offered for 1 person to any tournament in Alaska or Hawaii.   

6.       Due to travel restrictions imposed after 9/11, the club is unable to make travel arrangements for a member.  Players must make their own air travel and accommodation reservations. 

7.       A member may choose to provide his or her own transportation to an offered trip. In this event, the following rules shall apply:

A.      On trips over a 300-mile radius, the player would be issued cash in the amount equal to the airfare that would normally be required. Airfare paid will be the lowest airline fare for flights into or out of the nearest major airport, at - or prior-to 30 days before the trip. 

B.      Trips within a 1-300 mile radius shall not be offered with airfare included. These trips, when offered, would include a mileage supplement only.

C.      The dollar amount for mileage would be the current rate issued by the LEDA.

8.       The club will offer reimbursement based upon prices available at the time the arrangements are offered by the Trails Director and no other adjustments will be made.

9.       It is the ultimate responsibility of the member to make sure they meet the point and date criteria.  The league will assist but is not ultimately responsible.

10.    Members will be paid 2 nights at the publicized darter room rate, regardless of the date the trip is booked, up to a maximum of $100 per night.  

11.    Any member who has committed to a trip and then cancels for any reason shall be responsible for any cancellation fees levied by airlines or hotels. Some trips may require cancellation insurance and this may affect points. If a player cancels a trip, 75% of their points will be returned providing that said player pays all incurred costs. Said player has 30 days to repay the League for cancellations from the date that the “trip confirmation” form is signed.

12.    Any player sent on a Trails trip is required to throw in a minimum of one published event and submit a receipt, pending verification from the host club, to the LEDA Office showing the paid entry.  Failure to comply with these rules will result in the member being suspended and placed ‘Not in Good Standing’ until full restitution of trip amount is received by the LEDA.  He or she will be ineligible to participate in any league, tournament or fundraising events sponsored by the LEDA.  Said player may also be subject to legal action until the repayment is made.

13.    A player will receive $50.00 for expenses during the trip.


RUNNING TRAILS: Any LEDA member in good standing is eligible to be a Trails Coordinator. After qualifying for a trip, a Trails Coordinator shall not run a Trails event for a minimum of 4 months if there are other members on a waiting list. A member interested in becoming a Trails Coordinator may place their name on a waiting list with the Trails Chairperson or the LEDA Office.


All money and Trails standings sheets are the responsibility of the Trails Coordinator and should be given to the LEDA Office no later than the first Saturday each month or they forfeit the bonus points awarded plus possible other penalties. The Trails Chairperson shall retain the right to replace the Trails Coordinator for any reason deemed acceptable by the Board of Directors. The Trails Chairperson as well as all Trails Coordinators will be held financially responsible to the LEDA Board of Directors should the Trails receipts be lost or stolen and not received by the LEDA Office.


AMENDMENTS:  These rules and regulations may be changed and/or amended at any time by the Trails Chairperson or a majority vote of the Board of Directors of the LEDA.





Q. When do we have to have our membership fees in?

A. All members on your roster must have their full $25.00 membership fees paid on the first HOME night of League play. This must be done for any games, which that player participates in to count as a win. Team roster fees are also due the first home night of League play. These fees are set at $15.00 (Fall, Winter and Summer) per team and are the sole responsibility of the team to be paid to the LEDA. Do not confuse this fee with the Bar Affiliation Fee paid by your sponsoring location. Late roster fee ($10) is payable by the first night of league play. Failure to do so will result in penalties.


Q. What are the weekly fees for each team and when are the fees due?

A. Correct weekly fees are paid as $36 by the HOME team,  and must accompany the score sheet to the LEDA. No fees are to be collected from the visiting team. 


Q. When do I need to have my team mates fill out a membership form?

A. A membership application form must be filled out for every member of your team and submitted to the LEDA Office. This should be done upon the same time of submitting your team roster. If you have a form on file from last season, this will not be necessary unless there is a change, i.e. address, and phone number, etc.


Q. How do I add a player to our roster?

A. Team captains have 7-weeks to add players to your roster. Names must be submitted in writing to the LEDA Office and approved by the League Director. There is a 1-week waiting period before the added approved player can play. Captains will be notified as to the decision by the LEDA office.


Q. Can I drop off the score sheet at the office or mail it?

A. Score sheets can be mailed or dropped off at the LEDA Office. All scoresheets must be postmarked within 48 hours after League play, if mailed in, to avoid penalties. Any scoresheets mailed or dropped off at the LEDA Office must be received by 11:00 A.M. on the Saturday immediately following that week’s matches. Score sheets dropped off at the office will be deemed received as stamped by the office.


Q. Do I need to fill in all the required information about team name, division and letter on the score sheets?

A. Yes, please include your team letter, name, sponsoring location, date of match and your division. Lack of this information will be considered as an incomplete score sheet and penalties will be assessed.


Q. If the team I am scheduled to play forfeits what am I responsible for?

A. The forfeiting team is responsible for the weekly team fees of both the home and away teams. The team receiving the forfeit will be responsible for getting the score sheet to the LEDA Office regardless if you were home or away team. The team receiving the forfeit will receive 7 points only for the forfeiture.


Q. Is every dartboard sanctioned?

A. The Sanctioning Director tries his best to sanction every necessary dartboard. If you should not see a sanction certificate please notify the LEDA Office.


Q. If my team has a bye, are we still responsible for the $18.00 weekly team fees?

A. No, your team is not responsible for the $18.00 weekly team fee if your team is scheduled on a bye.


Q. Can limited memberships be used for team alternates?

A. No, limited memberships are not for League play. Limited memberships are for tournaments, Trails and other non-League play events. Each member willing to play League must pay the full $25.00 membership.


Q. Can a member transfer his membership to another member?

A. No, memberships are non-transferable and non-refundable.


Q. How often is the web page updated?

A. League scores and standings are updated weekly on Saturday.  Other lists such as Trails or Challenge standings are updated as the office receives forms.





PS –   These are any points your team has scored including any previously recorded penalty points.

SPThis is the number of points your team scored in the current week.

PRThis code represents the total number of penalty points assessed to your team from all weeks prior to the current week of league play. They are added to your points scored (PS) each week and then deducted after your current weekly score has been added.

PPThis code is for penalty points recorded for the current week of league play only.

TPThis is your current point total minus all previously recorded penalty points and current penalty points.


Example:             PS               SP               PR              PP              TP


Week 4                 12               7                 0                 1                 18

Week 5                 19               6                 1                 0                 24


As you can see, the previously recorded penalty points were added into your PS (points scored) total and then subtracted back out to give you your total points at the end of week 5.   


                All comments and complaints will be held in strictest confidence. Please be advised that the Board of Directors is here to help any member of the LEDA.

[*] Note, this information and regulation handbook can be amended and/or revised at any time.

[†] Denotes figures could change dependent upon the number of participants.